Romney Marsh, as they are originally called, is the most common breed of sheep in Australia today.  Romneys can be found on the west and east coast of the United States, but are rare in the northern plains.  Romneys have the finest wool of the longwool breeds.  Their wool is easy to spin and is often used to teach spinning, making it a favorite of beginning spinners. We are improving our flock with sheep from Peeper Hollow Farm in Illinois and Southern Oregon Romneys.

Fleece Characteristics: lustrous, soft, and well crimped. Staple length: 8" - 12"

Fleece weight: 12 - 20 lb

Bradford  Count: 44 - 50

Micron: 29 - 33

Uses: sweaters, hats, mittens, felting, blendingType your paragraph here.